Part 4. Why is THORChain a "Protocol"? 

This is the third in a 7-part series, "The Friendly Introduction to THORChain". Subscribe to be notified when the next chapter is released.

⚡️ Perhaps confusingly (at first), users who want to exchange or deposit assets on THORChain will not interact with THORChain directly.

⚡️ Instead, users will interact with one of the growing number of THORChain-enabled exchanges and interfaces: THORSwap, Asgardex, SKIP, Shapeshift, etc...

⚡️ A helpful analogy here is how email works: email is underpinned by SMTP - the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. When sending & receiving emails, users don't know (nor do they need to know) that they're using SMTP - all they know & see is Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.

⚡️ Similarly, an increasing number of interfaces, DEXs, wallets, and websites will plug into THORChain's Liquidity Pools (TCLP) to offer swapping and pooling features to their users.

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