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[RBP014] Inside ThorGuards - NFTs for the THORChain Community
November 02, 2021 #Podcast #THORChain

[RBP014] Inside ThorGuards - NFTs for the THORChain Community


Today, we have a special live edition of the RUNEBase podcast. I went live with @ChrisGHeree to discuss the launch of our new NFT project, ThorGuards.

ThorGuards have been in the pipeline for some time now and we are ecstatic to launch this project to the THORChain and RUNEBase community.

During this live, we discussed:

  • My background and story, how I got into crypto and THORChain.
  • How RUNEBase evolved, and eventually lead to the ThorGuards NFT project
  • What are ThorGuard NFTs, why we're building it, and what's coming down the pipeline

Crypto for a lot of people can be a lot of things - financial freedom, opportunity to participate in a limitless economy, but it's so much more to creators, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers.

Crypto is a new frontier for technology, it has a tremendous influence on us politically, socially, and financially. It's fulfilling to work on projects that are at that intersection, and we hope you enjoy ThorGuards - we have enjoyed creating it for you!

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Hope to see you at the next live!



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Read about ThorGuards: https://www.runebase.org/news/thorguards-nfts-closer-look


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