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XDEFI WebApp Beta Now Live
November 02, 2022 #News #XDEFI

XDEFI WebApp Beta Now Live


XDEFI recently released the beta version of its webapp, making the vision of being more than a web extension wallet a reality.

The WebApp has two main features :

  • Multi-chain DEX/Bridge aggregator: it includes the same routing API that will be used in the extension. XDEFI currently supports 6 providers: 1inch, ParaSwap, OpenOcean, MultiChain, THORChain and Wormhole.Rainbow bridge (NEAR) will be added shortly and THORChain aggregator, Jupiter and Socket will follow.
  • Zaps for all EVM networks supported: XDEFI has integrated the Portal API, which allows users to provide liquidity in most of the pools available across EVM networks in a single-sided manner. Users would also be allowed to stake their LP tokens into farms with just a few clicks within the XDEFI webApp. Zaps will be expanded to THORChain pools and Cosmos thereafter.

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