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XDEFI Wallet Releases December Product Update
December 02, 2021 #News #XDEFI

XDEFI Wallet Releases December Product Update

The December product update was recently shared by XDEFI team. It's huge!


After a recent successful IDO which had over 10k participants, over 20M $XDEFI tokens sold and over $19M in $USDC, the XDEFI wallet team is back with another big product update.

It's really huge!

The community can expect some functionalities to be released over the next 2 weeks and the remaining features will be launched over the next month or two.

Here's a brief progress report :

  • Cross-Chain Swaps (in testing)
  • Dark Mode (final testing)
  • Multiple Derivation Paths Support for Ledger + Terra (in testing)
  • Avalanche Integration (in progress)
  • NFT Support for Terra (completed)
  • Private Keys Export / Import (in progress)
  • Wormhole Integration (in progress)

To get full details on above functionalities, please read XDEFI's medium post.

This team is no doubt pushing the boundaries of wallet user experience.

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