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XDEFI Wallet Teases New UI/UX
October 20, 2022 #News #XDEFI

XDEFI Wallet Teases New UI/UX


With the web app development underway, XDEFI wallet is also adding UI/UX modifications to its current web extension.

So many details are embedded within the new UI including asset. asset chain type display , balances, chain type filter  and many more yet to be revealed.

Users still enjoy multiple wallet support within the same browser. No more changing Chrome profiles or installing extension via different browsers to perform transactions.

The upcoming webapp V1 may also carry some of these new UI injections. However, the XDEFI team has indicated that it will come with multi-chain DEX/Bridge aggregator and Zaps for all EVM networks supported.

Testers can beta test the XDEFI Wallet at https://app-beta.xdefi.io/

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