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XDEFI Celebrates Arbitrum Integration
June 10, 2022 #News #XDEFI

XDEFI Celebrates Arbitrum Integration


To celebrate its recent arbitrum integration, XDEFI is giving away 2x Smol Brains NFT!

SmolBrains NFT are the key pillar of the Smolverse and the leading NFT project on Arbitrum featuring progressively-evolving NFTs. As each Smol Brain increases their IQ over time, their brain continues to grow in size. Smol Brains are available on the Treasure_DAO marketplace with $MAGIC.

How to Win

For a chance to win, follow @xdefi_wallet & @SmolBrainsNFT, retweet & comment on what dApp you would like to use first on Arbitrum with XDEFI Wallet.

Event ends Sunday, 12th June at 6pm UTC.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek