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THORYield V2 is Now Live
November 30, 2021 #News #THORSwap

THORYield V2 is Now Live

THORSwap announced today that their THORYield app has dropped an updated version 2 with some exciting and useful new features.


The THORYield app brought some innovative new features to the THORChain community today with their upgraded V2 drop. Their Medium post lays out the new features in detail. The newly redesigned dashboard is aimed at providing users a pro experience while being the go-to hub to track everything on THORChain.

THORYield provides users the ability to track a multitude of MCCN analytics, liquidity pool positions, and much more with the new update.

New MCCN Analytics

The newly updated user dashboard will allow users to track key MCCN statistics such as

  • 24 Hour Volume
  • MCCN Liquidity
  • Active Bond
  • Top Tokens
  • Top Pairs
  • Liquidity APY
  • THORNodes overview
  • MCCN LP Leaderboard

These features will allow users to monitor the health of the network in a single easy-to-use dashboard.

New User-Friendly Features

  • Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) Charts- TradingView integrated Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All-time charts. Users can also view charts for liquidity and volume
  • Multi-Chain accounts- The ability to track multiple different wallets with the same account. You can view and track all LP positions and yield for multiple addresses under 1 account
  • LP Position Summary- Users can view a summary of all LP positions and even add/remove liquidity straight from the app. Easily track liquidity value and fees earned over time
  • Transaction History- Easy to track detailed records of swaps, adds, and withdraws from past wallet transactions
  • $THOR Staking Rewards Tracker- Users can input ETH address and track staking rewards. Reward value (USD) and $THOR price in the same UI

Going Forward

THORSwap and THORYield are committed to continuously bringing new features for the community and providing value for the entire ecosystem. V2 is just the beginning, and there are plans in the future to add more features such as

  • Share on Twitter feature
  • NFT Tracker
  • LP withdrawal fee estimator
  • Support for EUR/GBP
  • More chains
  • THORYield iOS App (Android planned for Q1 2022)

Provide Feedback

THORYield is committed to listening to the community and constantly improving the UI/UX. The team has set up a channel in Discord dedicated to user feedback, suggestions, bugs, and desired features.

* NOTE: There is a known fee calculation issue on V2 that is being worked on and should be fixed shortly

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