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THORYield Adds Major Update
August 27, 2022 #News #THORYield

THORYield Adds Major Update


THORYield, the yield tracker powered by THORSwap recently added a major update.

It includes the “Explore Menu” right in the middle which gives access to:

  • Liquidity Pool List : an overview of liquidity pools and pools metrics: price, volume, TVL, APR.
  • Nodes Tracker: details about nodes version, total bond, bond APY, daily bond rewards
  • Network Status: THORChain network details such block height, chain health , solvency checker and more now available.

Now THORChads can track so much more besides their LP accounts and stakes all thanks to THORYield.

THORYield would also provide more updates in the future with aim of giving more power to all THORChads both on mobile and PC. Stay tuned.

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