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THORWallet Phase 2 Sale Is Live
December 20, 2021 #News #THORWallet

THORWallet Phase 2 Sale Is Live

The THORWallet phase 2 token dutch style auction is live on miso.sushi.com


The THORWallet phase 2 token auction on miso.sushi.com is now live.

The dutch auction-style sale will run from December 20th through December 21st 19:00 GMT.

Check out this tutorial on how to participate in auctions on Miso.

The $TGT price will begin at $1.50 and gradually decline over the time of the sale.

Users will be able to commit their USDC to the sale and the final price of $TGT will be set by the lowest bid committed when the auction ends

After the Dutch Auction

  • $TGT:$ETH SushiSwap liquidity pool- The pool will go live shortly after the auction ends and will begin with APY up to 1200%
  • CEX listing- To ensure wide access to the token
  • TGT:RUNE pool on THORChain- Pool launch is delayed for now on THORChain as the core team has committed to focusing on the core project. However, the pool will be live as possible.
  • $TGT Incentives and NFT Holders- THORWallet will initiate a 50% buyback and burn of $TGT tokens
  • Single-sided $TGT staking- Rewards will start at 800% APY and will be claimable in $TGT. Staking will be through the ThorWallet IOS app and website with Android support coming later.

THORWallet has many other upcoming features and is committed to putting the community first and rewarding the users.

For more information and to stay up to date with THORWallet check out their medium page here

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