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October 6, 2021

Introducing the “THORWallet Army” NFT Series

As announced through it's Twitter channel, the THORWallet team launched their highly limited NFT series — the THORWallet Army.

We are an army of 2220 elite members — noble fighters for justice with integrity and immense will power. We use our strengths for the weak and help community members when support is needed.
With them you can not only show your true commitment but unlock valuable premium features in the wallet, such as live-long 0% affiliate trading fees.

Basic NFT Utilities

  • Commander (limited to 20): Cap, no affiliate fees, all premium features, own Commander’s chat
  • General (limited 200): Cap, reduced affiliate fees, all premium features, own Generals’s chat
  • Soldier (limited 2000): reduced affiliate fees, own Soldier’s chat

The Soldier is already available for minting. More details here.

The Commander or General is only available after the $TGT IDO which is soon to be announced.

For more on community tiers and more NFT utility, see the THORWallet medium.

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