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THORWallet DEX Introduces New Swap Feature
September 15, 2022 #News #THORWalletDEX

THORWallet DEX Introduces New Swap Feature


THORWallet DEX recently introduced a new feature that allows users swap directly into any address other than theirs.

This feature allows for merchants/individuals to receive payment(in BTC for example) from a user directly from another asset.  Upon further expansion, more applications can be built on this enabling more volume for THORChain.

The team at THORWallet DEX continues to push boundaries as they were recently accepted into Oxford University’s prestigious Fintech Incubator Program by Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and will gain access to mentorship and opportunities to raise capital from world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capital firms.

You can be sure to get more surprises from THORWallet DEX.

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