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THORWallet DEX Shares Tier Updates
July 26, 2022 #THORWalletDEX #News

THORWallet DEX Shares Tier Updates


THORWallet DEX recently made some updates to its  tier-based model.

TGT is a multi-utility token that grants access to the Community and Community Plus tiers.

Generally, community members get:

  • 12.5% TGT Reward APY(old APY)
  • reduced trading fees
  • Premium features like multiwallet access, harvest & compound in one tx, double rewards for missions, and more to come.

The following are new terms that will go into immediate effect and lead to a sustainable model for THORWallet DEX;

  • Community: Trading Fees: 0.3% and 35,000 TGT required
  • Community Plus: Trading Fees 0.1% and 350,000 TGT required
  • An increase of TGT Reward APY to 18%

The adjustment for all tiers is represented below.

The team has also indicated plans to adjust the amount twice a year according to current market conditions. At the same time, they are considering opening the Community Tiers also for TGT Liquidity Providers on the THORChain TGT-RUNE pool.

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