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THORWallet DEX Integrates Rango Exchange
August 08, 2022 #News #THORWalletDEX

THORWallet DEX Integrates Rango Exchange


THORWallet DEX is excited to announce the integration of Rango Exchange, the first multi-chain DEX aggregator to its platform.

The integration starts with swaps across EVM chains integrated by Rango Exchange, but over time all of the chains will be available, offering the best UX in the industry. This integration is also the first step beyond the THORChain ecosystem, bringing the whole crypto universe to our users.

Not only will this integration bring vast new swapping possibilities,  users will also be able to swap 10,000+ assets between all chains (ETH, Cosmos, Avax, Solana, +40 more), allowing them to handle all crypto transactions from one place, the THORWallet DEX App.

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