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THORWallet DEX Joins Crypto Valley
October 22, 2022 #News #THORWalletDEX

THORWallet DEX Joins Crypto Valley


THORWallet DEX recently joined one of the  leading blockchain ecosystems - Crypto Valley as a corporate member.

Crypto Valley is  building the world’s leading blockchain community and connecting the brightest minds & leading companies in the blockchain space. CVA is a global network of professionals, startups, corporations and investors that share the same belief that the future is blockchain.

Welcomed as a corporate member, THORWallet DEX will tap into  CVA's exclusive members-only networking portal and connect with more than 600 other crypto enthusiasts, professionals to bring more robustness and exposure to its product series and to THORChain by extension.

Congrats to  THORWallet DEX.

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