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THORWallet DEX Integrates Fantom
October 17, 2022 #News #THORWalletDEX

THORWallet DEX Integrates Fantom


THORWallet's  integration of Fantom chain continues to gain popularity among Fantom fans.

Fantom is an EVM compatible chain which aims to provide compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world, and create an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost.

THORWallet DEX connected to Spooky Swap via wallet connect

THORWallet DEX recently integrated both Fantom and BSC chains.

Users can now swap ETH/provide liquidity on THORWallet DEX to any assets on Fantom with Spooky Swap or OpenOcean Global.

With this Fantom integration also, users store Fantom assets within the wallet.

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