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September 27, 2021

THORSwap $THOR Airdrop Whitelisting Begins

THORSwap has posted details about their upcoming $THOR airdrop. Both on and off-chain activity will be used to determine who is eligible for the drop.

THORChain community members will qualify for the drop if they meet any of the following critera:

  1. THORChain Liquidity Providers
  2. THORChain Traders
  3. Top scorers on THORChads Score
  4. THORName pre-order registrants
  5. Active THORSwap Discord members
  6. Active THORChads Discord members
  7. Active Twitter contributors
  8. THORChain users who donated arbed funds from the Ethereum Pool to treasury
  9. THORChain ecosystem builders

Users who meet multiple critera will see their rewards stacked. To check eligibility and register for the airdrop, visit

Source: THORSwap Medium

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