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THORSwap Releases Roadmap Update and Alpha Leak
November 30, 2021 #News #THORSwap

THORSwap Releases Roadmap Update and Alpha Leak

THORSwap drops huge alpha and roadmap updates for Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.


THORSwap’s “vision for the future” is to become a world-class cross-chain aggregator with a multitude of complementary products and services.

In its latest Medium article, THORSwap shares details of its updated roadmap as well some juicy alpha on plans for the near future.

A quick summary is below:

  • Cross-chain aggregation: Aggregating more liquidity resources across multiple blockchains, and routing transactions through THORChain.
  • vTHOR (Staking 2.0): Stake $THOR for $vTHOR and receive cashback fee discounts, governance rights, value accrual and more.
  • DAO Governance: Stakers will govern community incentives, direct liquidity , curate THORChadsDAO community projects, and much more.
  • Protocol-owned Liquidity and Bonds: Enabling longevity of the protocol.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS & Android): Swap assets, provide liquidity, check your wallet balance and even bond a node from your phone
  • API/SDK for 3rd party developers: A one-stop API/SDK for 3rd party developers to access all of THORSwap’s aggregated liquidity, all THORFi functionality and all THORSwap functionality.
  • NFT Trophies: Unique, rare NFT’s were created to recognize and reward loyal Chads.
  • THORChad Score V2: More challenges, seasonal quests, updated UI, and more.
  • THORYield V2: One stop shop to track your yield from anywhere.
  • THORChad ID: Your key to the THORFi and the THORChad Metaverse
  • THORChain’s THORFi Features
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