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THORSwap Live AMA Highlights
October 08, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORSwap Live AMA Highlights

Here are some highlights of the THORSwap live AMA.


THORSwap had a live AMA in their Discord with a very informative Q&A regarding their upcoming IDO and the future of the project.

Some Highlights

Q: What's the IDO pattern like?

A: There will be 2 types of IDO available for participants and will get started right after THORChain’s full-recovery.

  1. First, THORSwap will launch on THORStarter which is a launchpad for THORChain ecosystem.It will be a capped IDO, with max $300 per participant. This is intended to allow as much community participation as possible, and to limit whale activity.
  2. Shortly after Thorstarter’s launch, there will be an uncapped liquidity pool on THORChain that allows anyone to participate as much as they want using $RUNE. Exact IDO date is pending THORChain’s full recovery, which we expect to be soon. Stay tuned

Q: @1RSH4D asked: Who is Thorswap's immediate competitors in the space right now? What can Thorswap offer that they can't?

A: That's a great question. There are other interfaces to THORChain protocol such as Thorwallet, DefiSpot, SKIP.exchange and Asgardex but we view them more as partners under the same ecosystem. THORSwap's other competitors are centralized exchanges and we are fully committed to build a decentralized cross-chain exchange which is chain-agnostic and non-custodial.

Q: What measures have been put in place for high congested events?

A: We believe DEX should have a greater user experience and more resilient than CEXs.The platform handled the May 2021 market crash well with no downtime experienced. Also we have setup an infrastructure for our own midgard and thornode services which are independent, more robust and much more resilient.THORSwap will never experience a crash like FB, Coinbase

Q: What other projects are coming soon?

A: Tons:

  • NFT Drops
  • THORChad ID
  • THORChad games
  • Limit Orders
  • Dex Aggregation
  • API
  • Mobile Wallet
  • All THORFi functionality

More details will be shared as these projects are launched.

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