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THORSwap Introduces THORChads DAO Platform
September 21, 2021 #News #THORSwap

THORSwap Introduces THORChads DAO Platform

THORSwap outlines the idea behind the THORChads DAO platform.


In a recent Medium post, THORSwap explained the idea behind their new THORChads platform and the long-term vision behind it. The platform will serve as the main hub for the THORChads DAO and the community behind it.

The Big Picture

The THORChads DAO will be a community-driven organization incentivizing and launching creative projects within the THORChain ecosystem. These include web apps, games, NFTs, and everything else that fits in the THORChain metaverse.

Current community projects such as THORChad Score, THORWiki, Membership Cards, THORChad PFP Avatars, NFT Trophies, and Discord Games will all be accessible via the platform while new ones may possibly be incentivized with $THOR.

Hopefully, this platform will enable the THORChain community to establish a bigger presence and help community members establish their unique identity within the community.

The THORChads DAO, with initial support from THORSwap, will reward community members, active users, content creators, early users, DAO participants — basically, anyone who actively contributes to the THORChads DAO.

Any project that gets launched via the THORChads DAO will have full support from the ThorSwap team.

Going Forward

So far, there are six highlighter features that will be available on the platform:

  • THORChad Score (Inspired by Degen Score)
  • THORChad Discord Quests
  • THORWiki
  • THORChad ID (Unique membership card with added utility for THORSwap members)
  • NFT Trophies
  • THORChad Community Projects

Those that want early access need to join the Discord channel.

Source - THORChads Medium

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