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THORSwap, Defispot, THORWallet DEX Turn On $AVAX
October 05, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORSwap, Defispot, THORWallet DEX Turn On $AVAX


THORChain recently completed the integration of Avalanche C-Chain and popular front-ends like THORSwap, Defispot and THORWallet DEX already have the $AVAX "switch" turned ON.

With this implementation, users across their favorites front-ends can now trade cross-chain between native Avalanche assets($AVAX, AVAX.USDT,  AVAX.USDC) and native assets($BTC, $ETH, $LTC, $DOGE, $BNB, $BCH, $ATOM )on THORChain.

Please note that affiliate fees apply accordingly.

Avalanche C-Chain liquidity aggregation(ARC-20 DEX Aggregator) is also in the works on these front-ends , and would be deployed once available. Once ready, users will be able to swap long-tail Avalanche assets .

Congrats once more to all THORChads.

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