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THORSwap Crosses $400k in Revenue
August 25, 2022 #News #THORSwap

THORSwap Crosses $400k in Revenue


THORSwap has done it again hitting close to $500k revenue in the last 2 months.

THORSwap introduced a 0.3% trading fee (swaps only) which started on April 25th.

THORSwap's revenue model collected $109,448 in June and $318,812 in May bringing it to a total of $428,260. About 75% of that has been distributed as $VTHOR Rewards to $THOR stakers. This is sustainable yield given over time. The other 25% is collected for THORSwap's treasury helping the team sustain building and shipping no matter the market.

The above numbers happened with the absence of DEX aggregator.

With the recent release of THORSwap's Ethereum(ERC-20) DEX cross-chain aggregator, it is very likely that revenue numbers go up as users can now swap  thousands of ERC-20 tokens across 8+ L1 blockchains in a single transaction.

Congrats to the THORSwap team.

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