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Thorstarter’s Plan for Rewarding Valhalla Venture DAO Members
September 16, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter’s Plan for Rewarding Valhalla Venture DAO Members

Thorstarter has shared a detailed explanation of how Valhalla Venture DAO members will earn passive rewards with XRUNE.


In a recent Twitter thread, Thorstarter has explained how XRUNE holders can benefit from the upcoming IDOs and something they labeled as “APY Stacking”.

The Valhalla Venture DAO is all about creating value for token holders so this detailed explanation should give us a more clear understanding of what is to come.

In Summary:

  • Thorstarter staking is just getting started and most of the rewards are coming from protocol emissions.
  • Thorstarter is designed to transition from protocol emissions to DAO/staking rewards. This should not only maintain the APY but keep it growing as well.
  • In their own words, Each IDO Thorstarter launches is like planting an XRUNE tree. This "tree" takes the form of our liquidity grant that seeds half of an XRUNE:ASSET 50/50 LP on launch day.
  • This "XRUNE tree" matures shortly after the IDO when LP tokens begin to vest and can be unwound, at which point Thorstarter start using half of the 50/50 LP to gradually buy XRUNE back from the market.
  • The buyback program should create steady buy pressure for XRUNE and in turn boost the price.
  • More Time = More Projects Unwinding = Higher APYs + Distributions to Valhalla Venture DAO.

Going Forward

It is clear that the earnings of DAO members will depend on the aggregate success of all launched projects but the structure of the DAO itself should increase the chances of success even more.

Source - Thorstarter Twitter

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