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Thorstarter Shares Post-IDO Updates
May 26, 2022 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Shares Post-IDO Updates


Doing well to keep the community updated , Thorstarter recently shared a high level post-IDO overview  of some of its IDO partners.

Here's a summary below:

  • Luart: Vesting unlocked. Exploring alternative blockchains.
  • MintDao: Exploring alternative blockchains. NFT shields will be minted on new chain TBD.
  • Remnant: Awaiting update from Remnant Labs
  • D-ETF: June 26 Token Generation Event (TGE) currently scheduled. Evaluating market conditions.
  • Brokkr Finance: Exploring alternative blockchains. Snapshot done for holders and stakers.
  • Proteus: IDO $UST funds with Thorstarter. Waiting for Luna proposal and relaunch plan for new blockchain.
  • Kolnet: Wating for TGE. TGE delayed due to market conditions.
  • Ultibets: Waiting for TGE. Audits underway. Results expected May 30

The Thorstarter team still have some exciting IDOs up their sleeve coming up in the next months including Maya Protocol , Rango Exchange, Defi Spot and more.

Free feel to join Thorstarter Discord to stay up to date.

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