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Thorstarter to be Listed on Gate.io
October 31, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter to be Listed on Gate.io

Gate.io will list Thorstarter's token $XRUNE, so as to provide greater liquidity and access to investors.


The Thorstarter team is thrilled to announce Gate.io as their first CEX listing.

The popular THORChain-incubated launchpad made this known in a recent Medium post.

The team has indicated that listing on Gate.io would offer XRUNE greater liquidity and access to investors, as well as provide its community an environment to trade XRUNE without having to worry about high ETH gas fees.

Listing Details

  • On Monday November 1st, 2021 at 1:00 PM UTC, users will be able to trade XRUNE on the Gate.io platform
  • Gate.io will be supporting the following trading pairs on its platform: Thorstarter/USDT, Thorstarter/ETH

Going Forward

The Thorstarter team will work closely with the Gate.io team to run joint marketing programs to grow Thorstarter’s presence in emerging markets as we roll out our new partnership.

In addition, Gate is doing a Thorstarter Startup Sale to kickstart XRUNE on their platform. More details on this in Thorstarter's medium.

Lastly, THORSwap IDO launches on Thorstarter on Monday November 1st by 2:00PM UTC. Details here as well.

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