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Thorstarter Shares Community Safeguard Initiatives
September 15, 2022 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Shares Community Safeguard Initiatives

Thorstarter is now prioritizing its community safeguard initiatives implementation.


With respect to evolution of the IDO space , Thorstarter is prioritizing its Community Safeguard Initiatives implementation.

The main goals of the Community Safeguards are:

  • Protect community capital
  • Reduce community liquidity lock up time
  • Prevent bad actors and missed deliverables from projects
  • Streamline launch transparency for participants and projects
  • Help our Partner projects succeed with a community user base
  • Build trust between community, Thorstarter, and Partners

The Community Safeguards are highlighted below:


  • Project Tokens β€” The entirety of the project tokens allocated for the IDO must be sent to Thorstarter prior to IDO date
  • Project Team Token Lockup -Tokens vested for various allocations must be locked accordingly
  • Liquidity β€” The project must provide a minimum liquidity to a reputable DEX or CEX, based on the raise limit.
  • Thorstarter IDO Price β€” the price of Project tokens in the Thorstarter IDO should be less than the price of token listing
  • Black swan event - Thorstarter will auto refund participants at a project loss of more than 10% of value.

Full details including IDO and post IDO community safeguard initiatives are available on the Thorstarter blog.

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