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Thorstater Roadmap Reveals Planned Terra Integration
October 01, 2021 #News #Terra

Thorstater Roadmap Reveals Planned Terra Integration

Thorstarter is excited to release their Q4 Roadmap and expansion to Terra blockchain.


The Big Picture

The future is multichain.

Thorstarter is the cross-chain, fully decentralized launchpad to grow new ideas in the blockchain and digital assets space.

With Thorstarter, crypto projects can increase their reach, build their communities and receive support from crypto’s most well-versed experts.

Two projects which have launched successfully on Thorstarter are Skyrim Finance and BNPL Pay

Roadmap Highlights

  • Terra Blockchain Expansion
  • Evolving Sale Types + Allocations
  • Moving towards decentralization
  • Content and Community Growth

The Good News

The plan has always been for IDO participants to have the opportunity to invest in a secure and compliant environment, as well as participate in IDOs not solely on Ethereum, but chains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Terra.

The good news is according to this roadmap, Thorstarter aims to bring Terra blockchain within 2-3 months.

This puts it somewhere between December 2021.

More exciting details were also shared.

For a more in-depth read, visit the Thorstarter blog.

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