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Thorstarter Releases Step-By-Step Guide For IDO Participation
August 04, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Releases Step-By-Step Guide For IDO Participation

Thorstarter has released a detailed IDO investment guide for both retail investors and DAO members.


Thorstarter has released a detailed guide for Thorstarter IDOs along with all of the details regarding the rules and sale structure.

There are two ways investors can participate in Thorstarter IDOs - as a retail investor or as a DAO member.

Retail investors will manually pick and choose projects they want to fund, and their returns will only depend on their own decision-making.

DAO members, on the other hand, will have an auto-pilot experience as the DAO invests funds on their behalf and distributes returns automatically.

The Thorstarter IDO Page

Detailed instructions for both participation methods can be found in the Thorstarter guide.

Summary Of Participation Rules and IDO Structure

The sale structure for both participation methods will be the same. There are two models that are very similar to the PancakeSwap IFO format.

Capped, ~20% of total

20% of IDO capital will be allocated to the capped addresses. Recommended participation funds are $300–1000 per address, according to Thorstarter.

Uncapped, ~80% of total

Allows for larger allocations, 80% of capital will be allocated to uncapped addresses.

There are no participation fees but both retail and DAO investors will need to lock up a minimum of 100 XRUNE ($15–30) for vXRUNE to take part in the offering. XRUNE can be unlocked immediately after the sale ends.

Main Differences

As mentioned above, retail investors will make their own decisions when it comes to investing. Allocation of funds and risk-taking completely depends on your own decisions if you chose to participate as a retail investor.

DAO members will delegate their funds to the organization and let it make investment decisions for them. In addition, becoming a DAO member grants voting rights and eligibility for any future DAO rewards.

Source: Thorstarter Medium

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