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July 24, 2021

Thorstarter Releases Forward-Looking Statement

In light of recent events, the Thorstarter team has released a forward-looking statement regarding next steps for the launchpad.

The statement was released as a series of Tweets on the official Thorstarter Twitter. The full transcript is included below:

Dear Thorstarter community, an update on current events:

Hard times have beset the @THORChain ecosystem. This thread will present our vision with regard to the future.

Discussions are ongoing with the THORChain team to find the fairest solution for making RUNE-XRUNE LPs whole. An announcement will be made as soon as possible regarding the solution.In the meantime, we are building.

Thorstarter will continue to execute on our commitment to launching high quality IDOs that share our vision of a multichain future.

There are discussions of a possible halt of THORChain Ethereum-chain network activity for some time.

Whether or not this comes to pass is a decision for the THORChain community, and out of our hands.

While this would throw a sizable wrench in our plans to begin by launching THORfi projects, we are not without options for a path forward.

Since our launch, we have been engaged with a number of high quality non-THORfi projects and will continue to work with them on a timeline for launch - until THORChain is fully up and running.

This turn of events may push us to broaden the scope of our vision to include mediums and niches we might not have previously considered.

As it relates to our token, XRUNE:

- Staking rewards will continue at
- Projects we launch will still receive XRUNE liquidity grants in exchange for their tokens
- Rewards will be distributed to vXRUNE holders as successful projects are successfully launched and harvested

A deep-dive on the vXRUNE model and our governance primitives is forthcoming.

We will proceed launching high quality projects that accelerate multichain adoption, allow investors to take part in the earliest stages of multichain growth, and reward our token holders.

Though our initial timeline and the specific details of our first token sales will have to change, our mission remains intact in spite of recent adversity.

Blockchain networks get attacked, from MATIC, to ETH, to BTC.

Consistently, the best networks have emerged from these attacks with a greater degree of antifragility. We see no reason the same will not be true for THORChain.

We will persevere, and at every turn keep the community updated.

As usual, we are available through our official channels for questions, comments, project leads, and other announcements.

Thank you for holding strong with us and thank you to the broader @THORChain community for continuing to believe in the vision and imperative of the project.

The Thorstarter Team

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