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Thorstarter Releases Details for Mine Network $MNET IDO
November 23, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Releases Details for Mine Network $MNET IDO

Thorstarter is thrilled to finally share details and instructions for the Mine Network $MNET IDO happening on November 25th.


In a recent announcement on Twitter, Thorstarter was thrilled to share details for the Mine Network $MNET IDO happening on 25th November.

MINE Network is the First Decentralized Multichain Hashrate Token Protocol that solves the liquidity problem of miners on chains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Filecoin.

Below is a summary of details for the IDO.

$MNET IDO Overview

Date: Thursday November 25th

Time: 15:00 UTC

Location: https://app.thorstarter.org/

Total Raise on Thorstarter: 15,000,000 $MNET

Price: $0.01 per $MNET

Before IDO

  1. Before Wednesday, November 24th at 15:00 UTC
  2. On the Thorstarter Tiers page, deposit enough XRUNE to be part of a tier
  3. Still on the Tiers page, click the “Register Interest” button for the $MNET IDO
  4. Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to pay for your allocation plus gas fees

Day of IDO

  1. On Thursday, November 25th at 15:00 UTC
  2. Go to the Thorstarter app and select the IDO tab from the top menu bar
  3. Connect your wallet (top right)
  4. Select $MNET IDO
  5. Choose investment size
  6. Deposit $ETH
  7. Receive $MNET tokens (25% after the IDO, 25% vested / month)

For full details, please read Thorstater's Medium.

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