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Thorstarter Introduces Major "Forge" Upgrade
March 09, 2022 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Introduces Major "Forge" Upgrade

In its latest announcement, Thorstarter releases a complete guide and release date for its major "Forge" upgrade.


In its latest announcement, Thorstarter releases complete guide and release date for its  major upgrade -Forge.

The goals with Forge are to give users much higher yield, simplify and integrate all Thorstarter products (tiers, staking, LPing, etc), and to do that without simply donating XRUNE and inflating the circulating supply of the token.

Date of Release: March 09, 2022

Blockchain: Fantom (FTM)

Deflationary & Sustainable Yield

The essence of forge is to build deflationary and sustainable yield that will come in the form of XRUNE — but not out of the project treasury/safe, i.e. not from newly issued supply onto the market.

The new Forge contracts will aggregate XRUNE from a few different sources and release it to Forge stakers. These include — but are not limited to:

1) refunds from KOLs, VCs and other Thorstarter partners who offered help or service to the network but did not deliver

2) funds already allocated to liquidity mining rewards or other incentive programs, which are being allocated to Forge instead

3) buybacks of market XRUNE from Forge

4) XRUNE tokens from users who unstake early and thus pay the early unstaking fee.

Existing Tiers Stakers

In order to participate in the Forge rewards, users must move their XRUNE to Forge, you will need to do so manually — you will not be auto-migrated into Forge. XRUNE in Forge contracts will also count towards tiers going forward.

Existing tiers / staking will still exist and be credited towards IDO allocations as they are now, they will be maintained so that people can join IDOs from say Terra to participate in a Terra IDO.

Staking Bonuses

Length of stake bonus: The staking length is defined by users. The minimum required time is 15 days, and the longest possible staking duration is 1080 days (~3 years). Users will gain an additional boost in yield for every 30 days they choose to stake XRUNE, with an approximate 600% bonus APR per year. Longer staking = substantially higher rewards.

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