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Thorstarter Introduces  New "Share" IDO model
August 04, 2022 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Introduces New "Share" IDO model


Thorstarter is introducing its simplified “Share” IDO model to further its goals of providing easy access to IDOs and uncapped upside.

Thorstarter introduced Forge sometime ago but in addition are aiming to modify the IDO structure to be a bit more inclusive and for reasons below:

  1. Reduce the barrier for new users to participate in IDOs, and the number of steps to participate for everybody
  2. Consolidate the Forge / Tiers / LP / Shield XRUNE scores into a single score based model.

Tiers thresholds are gone, fixed allocations are gone, and pre-registrations are gone. All that matters is your total XRUNE held, the more XRUNE you have locked in the Thorstarter ecosystem, the larger allocation you will get. Your allocation is determined by your SHARE of XRUNE owned by participants in each sale.

Thorstarter is constantly aiming to improve, adapt and stay ahead of the changing conditions. The Share IDO model builds towards the goal of simplifying access to IDOs while ensuring the long term, biggest supporters maintain advantage and access to the IDO allocations. Thanks for being part of the community.

As always, we encourage you to bring any questions and to continue the discussion in the Thorstarter discord. Onwards!

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