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Thorstarter Announces Rango Exchange IDO
April 23, 2022 #News

Thorstarter Announces Rango Exchange IDO


Thorstarter is more than thrilled to announce that they will bring Rango Exchange to the Thorstarter community.

Rango aims to become the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEXs and bridges all around the crypto world, based on reachability and support of top blockchains.

Rango is built on top of Leading Defi Technologies and maintains the core principles of DeFi for its users:

  • Permissionless: Blockchains are public and open for everyone to trade and own assets without the supervision of governments or financial institutions.
  • Censorship-resistant: There is no central party to control, censor, shutdown, or lock a user’s money.
  • Transparency: Users can track every transaction or smart contract before allowing to access their money, and also, they can track the whole chain of events happening all around the blockchain.
  • Anonymity: There is no KYC required to use Rango or other DeFi services. All those users have to do is create a wallet and put some money in it.
  • Non-custodial: All swaps and bridging are done in user’s own wallets, absolutely no centralized ownership from Rango is forced. And also, in case of similar options (for example THORChain vs Binance Bridge), Rango will prioritize THORChain due to its decentralized nature and will fall back to centralized options if there is no better alternative.

The $RANGO Token

$RANGO is the multi-utility token of the Rango Exchange

  • Investors can benefit from staking and providing liquidity to the Rango exchange with $RANGO. This way they can make profits from the fees earned by the exchange
  • The token is also designed to earn more value as more people use the product. 80% of the trading fees will be utilized to buy back the token and distribute it to stakers.
  • Another great utility of the platform is the possibility to use $RANGO to buy gas on a requested chain. This benefits both Rango and the crypto ecosystem, while also eliminating the need to go to a centralized exchange in order to buy tokens for Gas.


The $RANGO IDO will be launched in May 2022. Here are the initial details:

- Network: Terra

- Token: $RANGO

- Date: May 11, 2022

- Price: $1 UST / $Rango

- Raise Size: To be announced

- Vesting: TGE June 02, Unlocks linearly starting June 2nd until June 8th 2022

- Registration opens: 4 days Prior to sale

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