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Thorstarter Announces Maya Protocol IDO
December 27, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Announces Maya Protocol IDO

Maya Protocol is validating THORChain’s lead and paying tribute to it.


In a recent tweet, Thorstarter announced a very interesting IDO- Maya Protocol.

Maya Protocol is a Cosmos SDK-powered replicated state machine to coordinate asset movement, including processing swaps, stakes, and more without the need to peg assets. Maya Protocol is validating THORChain’s lead and paying tribute to it. In other words — Maya is going to be the second Multichain DEX in the market.

Why Maya Protocol?

A second multichain protocol for native assets will also help to validate and reinforce the idea to newcomers that Decentralized MultiChain can be achieved. Maya will also facilitate the integration of more chains to this cross-chain DeFi universe.

Maya’s $CACAO Token

Cacao is to Maya what RUNE is to THORChain, meaning Cacao has real deterministic value, and it will increase as liquidity is added to Maya.

Other main features are:

  • Liquidity — It inherits value of pooled assets as Cacao is bonded to assets in its pools — As the value of the assets increases, so will the value of Cacao.
  • Security — Ensures that nodes are incentivized to continually buy and bond enough Cacao.
  • Governance — Signals Listing and delisting of assets.
  • Incentives — Fees, Subsidized Gas & Emissions.

Maya is planning on a May launch, tentatively backed by THORChain, Thorstarter, Nine Realms, and Qi.

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