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Thorstarter Annouces Terra IDO, Luart
December 07, 2021 #News #THORSTARTER

Thorstarter Annouces Terra IDO, Luart

Luart, the first gamified NFT marketplace based on Terra Network will IDO on Thorstarter.


Thorstarter aims to open the year 2022 with a bang by bringing its first Terra based service that will IDO on January 3rd: Luart.

Luart is a gamified marketplace on Terra that will provide seamless NFT exchange at low gas rates with a slick and navigable UI, and aims to  be “Terra’s OpenSea”.

The following functions and platform features are to be expected:

  1. Gamification: Luart will play a crucial role in the gamification of NFTs
  2. Marketplace: Luart has designed a highly aesthetic UI to give it real sticking power as the best NFT marketplace on Terra
  3. Launchpad: Luart is bringing exclusive NFT launches to their platform
  4. Boxes: Users will have a chance to win rare NFTs curated by the Luart team
  5. Auctions: This function will be to directly insert the amount that the buyer wants to pay
  6. LUA Power: This is a devoted scoring system that will allow users to access hidden and premium features
  7. Staking: Staking Luart’s native token will bring many rewards to the users such as winning NFTs, early access to launches and more
  8. Collections: This will allow artists to uniquely display their works and set themselves apart from other NFTs
  9. Avatars: They will play an important role in the gamification of the platform
  10. Cross-Chain: Luart will bridge NFTs across multiple chains

More details available on Thorstarter's medium article.

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