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THORNOOB Shares May AMA Highlights
June 12, 2022 #News #THORNOOB

THORNOOB Shares May AMA Highlights


The THORNOOB team recently held its monthly Twitter AMA(Ask-Me-Anything).

The aim of the AMA session is to provide a platform for new/current THORChain users to get direct answers to pending questions or THORChain complexities.

In this 1st edition, questions asked were centered around THORFi, security, future developments and integrations, THORChain mainnet, governance, emission , pool liquidity and volume, and bug bounties.

Some participants also emerged winners as below:

"The 5 winners of this month who won 10 $RUNE each are:

  • @AlanIuriMenezes
  • @ForeignPtr
  • @criptomaniac10
  • @sharabh9
  • @0xRafaelFelix
  • One extra surprise winner: @GreenSocrates


Be on the lookout for the next AMA.

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