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ThorGuards Release Q2 Update
July 01, 2022 #News #ThorGuards

ThorGuards Release Q2 Update


The ThorGuards team are hard at work and have recently shared an update taking a look at the roadmap and the progress  made.

Major areas covered are below:

  • New website: Website has been revamped and is a much better foundation for greater things to come.
  • Merch Store: Merch store page is done and two limited-edition drops lined up with two partners. Further will be shared upon completion of some minor milestones.
  • $BRO Airdrop: ThorGuards holders were blessed with valuable $BRO airdrop whihc was completed in April/May.
  • Partner Community Bounty Program: Team was in talks with Luart until the Terra crash, to do a community bounty program where participants can engage to earn $LUART.
  • Flagship Coffee Line:In partnership with CoinCoffee, ThorGuards launched the Genesis Autograph Collection ThorGuards x CoinCoffee NFT . Proceeds from this mint went towards the start-up costs of making ThorGuards Valhalla Blend Coffee.
  • DeFi Utility Case Announcement: A huge portion of the team's energy is going towards this. Right arrangements are being made with legal to ensure this is done right and precise.

The team will keep pushing the boundaries and continue working hard to deliver all items on the roadmap especially on the DeFi front.

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