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ThorGuards Reveal Party Highlights
November 19, 2021 #News

ThorGuards Reveal Party Highlights

With over 500 community members in attendance, the ThorGuards reveal party would very likely win the award for the most colourful event of the year.


Party after party!

The ThorGuards reveal party had in attendance over 500 community members on Discord.

While the ThorGuard team waited for the metadata to propagate to Opensea, the team developed and used a novel approach to get art revealed to the community.

Details for the ThorGuards Metadata Reveal Guide can be found here.

Within moments, the fun exploded as community members began showing off their sleek and powerful Guards on Twitter and Discord as below:

One major plot twist occurred where the now "famous" Walter, ThorGuard artist, picked a "fat" Thor which seemed to be the most craved by @THORmaximalilst

ThorGuards also had over 200ETH in trade on Opensea.

Over 200ETH traded on Opensea

The Thoruards team have indicated that there is so much more to come and this only just the beginning.

To purchase a ThorGuard, visit https://opensea.io/collection/thorguards.

Happy hunting!

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek