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ThorGuards Collaborates With BookCoin
April 06, 2022 #News #ThorGuards

ThorGuards Collaborates With BookCoin

ThorGuards recently announced its collaboration with BookCoin.


ThorGuards recently announced its collaboration with BookCoin.

Bookcoin memorializes books to the blockchain, offering the opportunity to collect NFTs, get exclusive content, and use them in the metaverse.

There will be 20 Whitelist giveaway for the upcoming Metalibrary Founder Cards mint

The MetaLibrary Founder Card Collection is the first opportunity given to any believer in books on the blockchain to help build and benefit from BookCoin's endeavors exponentially. And every card unlocks a handful of fun perks now and new perks ongoing, including but not limited to a Mint Pass for first priority whitelist access to Book NFT Drops, The Founder's Club Membership, $BKCN Token Allocation, and more.

$BKCN Token

Upon the drop of the token, $BKCN, there will be a percentage allocated to Founder's card holders.

To enter: - go to https://bookcoin.com/mint/founder-cards… -select ThorGuards from the "Where did you hear about us" question.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek