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A Closer Look at the ThorGuards NFT Project
September 29, 2021 #News #THORChain

A Closer Look at the ThorGuards NFT Project

More details of the ThorGuards NFT project has been revealed during a Discord AMA.


The Big Picture

ThorGuards is a generative NFT project for the THOR Community. The goal of this project is to galvanize and drive awareness for THORChain and the various ecosystem partners.

There are 9,999 unique ThorGuards, ranging from Viking warriors to Spartans, Astronauts to Archers, and everything in between.

There are over 150 different variations across 6 different attributes, including Thor Helmets, Nordic Armor, Astronaut Suits, Vyper Sunglasses, Hawain Shirts, and more.

The Good News

ThorGuards had an art reveal of their highly anticipated NFTs alongside an AMA (\"Ask Me Anything") earlier today on the project's Discord.

"Stunning", is an understatement when it comes to describing these pieces of art. Thor, Heimdal and Hel were among the familar faces revealed during the sneak peak.

A few questions that were asked during the AMA:

Will the NFTs have utility?

Yes, we are working with many ThorChain ecosystem partners to provide the most utility of any NFT to date.

Will there a mint pass?

Yes, we are whitelisting active community members and there will be more this details on this soon.

Will there be weapons?

Yes, handheld items are definitely on the roadmap!

Going Forward

The ThorGuards team have more to in store! Keep an eye on their the Discord and Twitter for giveaways and campaigns.

You just might get a free NFT.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek