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ThorGuards Introduces ThorGuard Mead & The Tavern
July 21, 2022 #News #ThorGuards

ThorGuards Introduces ThorGuard Mead & The Tavern


ThorGuards team has been brainstorming how they can keep the community together and the result - ThorGuards Mead and The Tavern, a community rewards and points system for TG NFT holders.

What is Mead?

Mead (/miːd/) is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey mixed with water, and sometimes with added ingredients such as fruits, spices, grains, or hops.

In the case of ThorGuards, Mead is a community points system that exists only on the ThorGuards Discord server for verified ThorGuard NFT holders. The Mead is hosted by a 3rd party integration and holds no economic value. Think of it as a community points or club membership points system.

How to earn Mead?

You can earn Mead in a couple of ways:

  • Community tournaments, events, and contests
  • Raffles
  • Recognized for good behavior and engagement
  • Contributions to the community (ex. sharing alpha, connecting the team with collaborations and partners, fan-made art or games, etc.)

*Note: You may lose your Mead if you leave the Discord.

What is The Tavern?

The Tavern is a virtual store in the ThorGuards Discord where you can exchange your Mead for rewards such as merchandise and NFTs. It’s like going to an arcade and exchanging your game tickets (Mead) for a fun prize.

  • ThorGuards Coffee Mug β€” 2,000 Mead
  • ThorGuards Weapon NFT β€” 5,000 Mead
  • 5 RUNE β€” 7,500 Mead
  • ThorGuards NFT β€” 10,000 Mead

The ThorGuards team is excited to get these community programs going to support and continue building with the ThorGuards and THORChain ecosystem.

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