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ThorGuard Signet Rings Now Available
August 01, 2022 #News #ThorGuards

ThorGuard Signet Rings Now Available


Thanks to Terra Foundry Lab, ThorGuards signet  rings are now live on Pre-Sale on the TG Merch Store.

ThorGuards has hinted about its continuous effort to push limited-edition drops onto its Merch Store.  The signet rings are the latest arrivals.


  • Liquefied brass over 900 Centigrade in crucible, then shaped, textured and polished by hand and etched.
  • Open ring design always always adjustable and comfortable.
  • Viking & Hammer Logo Options

Some beautiful pictures are highlighted :

Now you can summon the ThorGuard and show your allegiance to Asgard with this Foundry cast, hand-crafted signet ring.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek