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THORChain Weekly Episode 1 Recap
October 23, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Weekly Episode 1 Recap

Welcome to the recap of the first episode of "THORChain Weekly", a regular Twitter Spaces event with members of the THORChain ecosystem, including Nine Realms, RUNEBASE, Thor Lady, and more.


Here are some major highlights of the \"THORChain Weekly" with members of the THORChain ecosystem, including Nine Realms, RUNEBASE, Thor Lady, and more.

This event was hosted by @0xNguyen, founder of runebase.org and the ThorGuards NFT project.

A brief introduction was done by @0xNguyen after which community members where engaged right away.

The Discussion

First on the stage was Gavin from Nine Realms who introduced himself as well as Nine Realms. He included some details about THORChain, mentioned how special the THORChain commnunity is and headed on to answer questions from 0xNguyen.


I was the first engineer at Bitgo years ago. So it was building a lot security infrastructure with guys. I've been active behind the scenes with protocols and teams for a long time.

Nine Reals is bringing institutional liquidity to THORChain.

Nine Realms reduces the risks associated with supplying large amounts of asymmetric liquidity on THORChain

THORChain is a major L1 and the first season of THORChain was very interesting. We now look forward to the next season that is starting to emerge.

Q Can you tell us more about where we are in this inflection point and what we we can look forward to in the future?

Gavin: The next shift in growth is going to look a lot  different  and requires coordination at a different scale and different level. This means community starting to show up and work on different aspects in different ways. The next 100x for THORChain looks different than our first a 100x.

Not all engineering contribution is needed.

Anyone can feel free to check community discords and platforms. Examples are LPU, THORSwap, etc.

Also, Data analytics and data story telling is important. Dashboards for Node operators as well as other areas are key.

Overall, communication is key. DMs are open.

There was a notable mention of Alex Simpson here regarding data analytics by 0xNguyen.

Next up on stage was Chad Barraford

0xNguyen appreciates Chad for all his efforts for the THORChain community and proceeds to ask a few questions.

Q: Do you want to give a quick status update? I mean, like what what ETH chain coming back online and explain its significance?

Chad: I suppose it was the most intense bit. In terms of the restarting of the THORChain protocol. And that's because the two instance we had back in July where there were instances of smart contracting manipulations. And so getting that back online was the most difficult part in some sense.

The next part which will happen probably in the next week is raising the caps, and then new features like Light Nodes/Ygg Nodes, Synths, ThorSavings and more.

Gavin also reiterates the introduction and importance of THORSec as a result.

Q: Can you give more Insight into the complexity of THORChain ?

Chad: Consensus!

THORChain is trying to reach consensus on top of consensus. In addition, you have to design new AMM models. Let's not forget the cryptography of TSS as well.

There also gas complications, managing multiple chains like Binance, BTC, ETH, LTC,BCH and more to come. There could also be chain complications and re-orgs like in the case of Solana.

Chad and Gavin talk on about how necessary ambassadors of individual chains or fondly called "chain guardians" are to the overall ecosystem.

They also ask Chain guardians to reach out at any time.

Q: Is THORChain mainnet to be expected before Christmas?

Chad: Well, it's more of intention to have mainnet by December 25th alongside other features like Synths, light nodes and THORSavings.

The team is looking to focus on THORFi in 2022.

A bit of fun time with other community members.

Other members that came on stage where:

The Bull and Uncle Badgers, project manager for THORSwap. They discussed updates on NFT Trophy lauch from THORChads DAO,$THOR token launch ,THORYeild App and more.

Familiar Cow from Vanir Threads. He discussed updates on the "THOR Force 1" custom made shoes and upcoming NFT auction.

Updates regarding XDEFI Wallet and Brokkr Finance were not left out of the conversation.

Stay tuned for the next episode.

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