THORChain Network Operation Roadmap
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“THORChain Weekly” Debuts Tomorrow with First Community Spaces Event

The THORChain community is launching a weekly Twitter Spaces with members of the THORChain ecosystem, including Nine Realms, RUNEBASE, Thor Lady, and more.

This will be an opportunity for members of the community to hear news about protocol updates announcements from the core team and ThorSec, as well as ecosystem projects and other community members to share their own updates.

Follow @THORChain on Twitter to get a heads up when a Spaces is scheduled. The first is set to debut tomorrow at 3:00PM GMT / 8:00AM PST.

Ongoing Spaces will be held twice a month for community members in the Western Hemisphere, and twice a month for community members in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Recaps and recordings will be published here on RUNEBASE.

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