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THORChain Teases Development of "Light Nodes"
August 06, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Teases Development of "Light Nodes"

THORChain is researching the possibility of supporting "Light Nodes" to further scale the network and lower the capital requirements of being a node operator.


Today, THORChain teased the development of “Light Nodes”, a new type of node that, if rolled out, will lower the technical and capital requirements to becoming a node operator.

The State of THORChain Nodes Today:

Currently, to operate a THORChain node, there are two requirements:

1.  In-depth technical knowledge for day to day node operations

2.  A large amount of capital to meet network bond requirements (average bond = 623,363 RUNE)

You can find the average, median, & minimum RUNE bond requirements for nodes here.

The Problem:

Due to the high requirements it takes to run a node, the lower barrier to entry required to provide liquidity, and the high demand for LP yield; the network may have a difficult time meeting the bond requirements to keep the network secure.

The Proposed Solution:

“Light Nodes” are introduced to lower the capital and technical barriers of entry to operate a node.

What This Means:

As a wider variety of THORChads participate in node operations, the network is further democratized. This helps the amount of RUNE bonded onto the network scale more freely, increasing the security and total value locked (TVL) on the network.

For more technical details on “Light Nodes” and to follow the proposal as it develops, click here.

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