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THORChain Shares Q3 Community Update
October 22, 2022 #News #THORChain

THORChain Shares Q3 Community Update


THORChain is constantly growing and expanding its ecosystem as several builders take their positions in pushing the future of DeFi and decentralization.

Q3 Community update was recently shared and it covered amongst others:

  • Network updates
  • Open-source project updates
  • Recent posts and videos
  • Development updates

A summary is below:

  • Open Source Development Efforts(New,fixes and updates)- THORNode (Core Network updates),XChainjs,Midgard, THORNode Network, AsgardEx Desktop, THORChain Network Explorer, THORChain Monitoring Bot, THORViz (beta), Vordr Node Monitor, Flipside Crypto.
  • THORChain Media- LP University Media,THORChain Twitter Space Recordings,Consensus 2022 Conference Videos,THORSwap Media,GrassRoots Crypto, RUNEBase.
  • Other Ecosystem Developments- THORSwap, THORWallet, XDEFI Wallet, Defispot, Rango Exchange, Shapeshift,Edge Wallet,Lends,Decentralfi.

THORChain and ecosystem builders are relentless and continue to push even in the bear market.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek