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THORChain Network Operation Roadmap
October 23, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Network Operation Roadmap

A summary of THORChain’s current status and the planned roadmap to bring the network back online.


THORChain is a decentralized and anonymous network that has a core team developing the critical infrastructure, as well as a large community building various frontends, integrations, tools, and more.

On this page we aim to provide a constantly updated and summarized roadmap of the network’s operations as work continues to bring Chaosnet back online and enable a path forward to Mainnet.

Current Status

  • Network online
  • RUNE transfers enabled
  • Trading enabled on All Chains
  • Audits in progress

Next Steps

  • Back Pay rewards to liquidity providers and nodes
  • Complete audits
  • Resume LP transactions for ETH.ERC20
  • Implement protocol-level insurance


Notes for Network Participants

Back Pay

Nodes and liquidity providers will be back paid for block rewards missed during the halt.

  • Active Nodes will be paid via direct bonds to their nodes.
  • LPs will be paid via RUNE deposited directly into pools, based on depth.
  • Standby nodes >300k bond will be paid 50% of what Active Nodes are paid.
Node Operators
  • Stay alert for updates.
  • Leave the nodes in place.
  • Nodes have TSS shares that hold the keys to Asgard vault.
  • Reach out on Discord with any questions.
Liquidity Providers
  • Hold tight and stay tuned for reward back pay.
Community Devs
  • Focus on the plan above, now is the time to onboard and deeply understand THORChain.
  • Immunefi bounty program is live for the Ethereum router contract and Tendermint application.
  • Stay tuned for official bounty program managed by NineRealms.
  • If you find a critical vulnerability, responsibly disclose to the team and work with NineRealms to mediate the bounty.

If you are part of the core team or community, please reach out if you have any updates you would like to be shared on this page.

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