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THORChain Reveals Plans for “Pooled Nodes”
August 13, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Reveals Plans for “Pooled Nodes”

THORChain plans to implement "Pooled Nodes", allowing operators to invite additional bonders to a single node.


The Big Picture

As it stands, THORChain node operations require in-depth technical expertise and a large sum of RUNE. Pooled Nodes aim to solve this.

“Pooled Nodes” allow node operators to invite additional bonders to their node.

Each pooled node allows for a maximum of 4 Bonders and requires 1 Node Operator to start and operate a node. The Bonders provide RUNE while the Operator handles the technical management of the node. The Operator receives commissions out of the nodes rewards in exchange for their expertise and services.

This will allow larger RUNE holders to collect node rewards, without need of technical knowledge as they can outsource the technical expertise required for operations.

While this will require some trust between the Bonders and the Node Operator, as the Node Operator can steal funds, the long-term rewards of a 20-30% commission that come with operating a node are much higher than the amount gained if they were to steal funds.

Why This All Matters

If adopted, Pooled Nodes will allow more network participation for nodes, more node participation means larger bonds, larger bonds create more network security and allow more funds to enter liquidity pools.

Read the GitLab details on “Pooled Nodes” here.

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