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THORChain Resumes RUNE Transfers
August 23, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Resumes RUNE Transfers

THORChain has re-enabled RUNE transfers as the network takes another step towards full operations.


The Big Picture

THORChain trading is offline as the protocol undergoes a series of audits in order to harden the network.

As various components of the system are audited, the network will incrementally come back online.

Last week the base chain was restarted, and today, RUNE transfers have been re-enabled.

The Good News

Users can now send and receive RUNE transfers in and out of the network, and operators can manage their node bonds.

Upgrading BEP2 and ERC20 RUNE is not yet enabled. This requires their respective chains to also be audited and brought back online.

Going Forward

This is a major step forward in bringing THORChain back to normal operations. Binance Chain will be the first chain to have trading enabled after its audit is complete near the end of September, followed shortly thereafter by UTXO chains like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

View the Network Operation Roadmap for an updated timeline.

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