THORChain Network Operation Roadmap
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November 16, 2021

THORChain Resumes Network

After last week’s consensus failure, THORChain is once again producing new blocks. Swapping and providing liquidity will be re-enabled soon.

The source of the consensus failure has been identified and patched. Options to restart the chain were to rollback 1 block, resync from scratch, or soft fork the network. The team initially tried to rollback 1 block, but the software to do this was incomplete. To restart the network as soon as possible, this path was abandoned, but may be returned to in the future. The team decided the best path was to resync validator nodes from a state prior to the consensus failure. 

Active validators could do this in 3 ways:

  1. Resync from their own snapshot prior to Nov. 10th
  2. Resync from a Nine Realms provided snapshot (~3 hours)
  3. Resync starting from the first block (~5 days)

This approach successfully resolved the consensus failure. Once the network reaches the tip of each chain, trading and providing liquidity will be re-enabled.

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