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THORChain Resumes Binance Chain Trading
September 17, 2021 #News #THORChain

THORChain Resumes Binance Chain Trading

After many weeks of audits, network hardening, and testing, THORChain has resumed trading for Binance Chain assets on chaosnet.


The Big Picture

THORChain has been effectively offline since the July exploits, and has undergone many audits and code improvements to harden the network and protect against future attack.

The Binance Chain integration was exceedingly stable during single-chain chaosnet, and has now been throughouly audited so it will be the first chain to resume trading.

Going Forward

After audits are complete for the UTXO related code, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BCH trading will also resume.

Finally, the Ethereum related contracts and Bifrost code will undergo extensive audits -- ERC20 router code is complex and was the source of the previous exploits. Once it has been deemed safe, full trading for ETH and ERC20s will resume and the THORChain network will be back up and running in full.

The team will then be able to focus once again on various features -- such as ThorFi, synthetics, and more -- and continue working towards a mainnet launch aimed to go live at the end of the year.

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